Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deja Vous but Different.

So today we got thrown quite a curve ball...and I'm quite proud of my self for not freaking the frak out! Because in all honesty, I think a day like today totally warrants it.

This morning, around 4:30am, my water broke. I woke up and pop. That familiar feeling followed by a flood. There was no question in my mind what had just happened and I had a quick flashback to the night my water broke for my boys...but pulled it together right away since I had to make sure Speck was ok.

I woke up my hubby, called my ob's office and got myself ready to go. My doctor (one of two at my practice) was not the one to call me back, but thankfully happened to be at the hospital for other things after we got settled in. I love her!

So, long (and somewhat boring) story short...Speck is still hanging out in his slightly less padded womb, I am not in labor (cervix still closed) and Speck has been practically perfect through out the monitoring all day. Since he seems to hanging tight they are tapering back on monitoring, moved me to a post-partum room (very close to l&d should things change) and making sure that infection is prevented with antibiotics. I've received a steroid shot to help push along Speck's lung development and will get another in the morning.

I am very grateful for the level of care I have received so far. I am also grateful that Speck is measuring ahead at his current 31 weeks, 3 days and might be weighing in at just under 5lbs.

While some things are the same, this is a very different and more hopeful story so far. Here's hoping Speck stays in as long as possible and has as few complications as possible when he does make his way in to the world.

Right now I am looking forward to a (hopefully) long, boring, uneventful stay in the hospital...at least until it's time to bring Speck in to this world safely and, more importantly, alive.


  1. Sweet Baby Jesus. When I read the word "pop", I, too, was brought back to the feeling of my water breaking with my twins, edging up on 11 months ago. That is such a horrifying feeling...but how spectacular that Baby is weeks past viability stage and doing well! I pray your medical team will be successful in stavIng off infection so that Speck can bake for (hopefully) several more weeks!

    Peace and love to you, Jessica...

  2. Oh my heavens. I am so glad you are well and baby is well also. Way to hold it together, Mama! Looking forward to meeting Speck soon... But not too soon!

  3. I hope that baby stays baking as long as possible.
    Your description of your water breaking brings back way too many memories for me, I'm glad you are much farther along then I was. Good sign that everything is closed and labour doesn't seem close right now. Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Oh my! How scary, but you seem so calm in writing about it. Makes me really believe how well they are taking care of you both. Wishing you that long boring stay you are hoping for. It's always something isn't it?!?

  5. How scary. Glad to hear all isell with baby. I will keep you both in my thoughts.

  6. Oh, mercy. It's terrifying but you're right that it's different this time. Rooting for you and Speck. Hang in there.

  7. Thinking of you both- be careful with yourself! xo

  8. Glad things are turning out as well as possible under the circumstances. Hang out a little longer little Speck!